50 ml eau de parfum

lustré glass bottle

spray atomizer

bal de roseS

bal de roseS

Floral Oriental


Like theatrical works, like a masquerade, it performs. It is three dimensional... four if we count time, like a Calder’s mobile, like a Francis Bacon’s paint, always in vibration. It is a perfectly rendered scent of one flower, the rose ~ a soliflore.


Real May rose from Grasse, a tiny amount is produced every year in South of France that is by definition limited in quantity which means a perfume to use for limited consumption.


There are dozens of Roses, essences and absolutes, but there is only one Bal De roses, constructed almost pure, virtually free of ornamentation, that captures the true replica of roses.


As always, with successful art, it is the illusion created by the artist that makes the work even more true …



Created and launched in 2012



Damascena rose • Bulgarian rose  •Taif rose • petitgrain • white sandalwood • tonka bean • vanilla • benzoin


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